Laboratory chemical, chemical-physical and microbiological analyses

Do you need to analyse your products?

Or analyse waste generated from your activities?

Don't know how to categorise jobs in your operation?

Are hygienists pushing you to do more extensive pesticide testing in the drinking water you produce?

Do you have a dispute with the buyer of your goods abroad regarding the content of harmful substances?

Or something else?

Life brings a lot of questions, demands, stimuli.

Fortunately, we have solutions for many, but not all of them. Success depends on finding the right analysis, system of analyses, or other related services, which we can provide.

The spectrum of chemical, chemical-physical or microbiological analyses offered by us is really wide. You can read more about these on the pages dedicated to the respective branches.

Everything starts with the formulation of your request.

Together with you and our experts, our sales representatives will find a product, service, analysis that will provide the solution for you.

They will introduce you to the possibilities and benefits of cooperation with us in the area, agree on all the conditions, including pricing.

Depending on the legislative requirements and the nature of the contract, we will agree on the method of sampling, logistics, sample quantity, requirements for drawing up reports - method of handing over the report, the language of the report, etc.

Do you need regular sampling? We keep to deadlines.

Are you pressed for time? We perform analyses within 7-10 days as standard, but can adapt to your current needs.

Want to know the progress of your order? Make use of our online access to view the analysis results.

When the analysis is complete, you receive the report. Need advice or an explanation?

Call us, and we will be happy to help you with the interpretation of the results and advise you on what steps to undertake.

Need something else? We are here to help!

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