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Do you need to see the interim results of your more complex requirements before the entire set of analyses is completed and you receive the report? Do the analysed values affect your next steps, so you need to know them as soon as possible?

To put your mind at ease, we will give you login details to our laboratory information system (LIMS). In this way, you will have direct access to the section related to your orders, and you will see the results of individual measurements as soon as our devices or our specialists enter them into the system.

After the entire order is completed, you will receive the measurement protocol in the agreed form - electronically, classically in paper form, or both, depending on what you requested.

For our regular clients, with large quantities of analysed parameters and who require the frequent repetition of tests, we also offer electronic data transfer from our LIMS to the client's system. However, this depends on an in-depth evaluation of the technical parameters and the real possibilities for this transmission.

LABTECH laboratories

access to results from 2016 inclusive

Brno Archive, Klatovy

access to results from 2015 inclusive

Paskov Archive

access to results up to 2016 inclusive

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