Items that come into contact with drinking water

Are you a producer of coatings for drinking water reservoirs? Or do you directly supply pipes and fittings for waterworks?

All these and similar products directly affect the quality and safety of the drinking water that flows through them. They must therefore meet the prescribed safety conditions.

We carry out a whole range of tests of the mentioned products and materials. Our specialists have considerable experience in the field. In particular, they are able to design an optimal testing plan within the relevant applicable legislation.

An important factor is the precise formulation of the specific needs of the customer in order to meet all the requirements for the product testing. In this industry, even more than in others, close cooperation between the client and the laboratory is highly desirable, from the start of the negotiations to the final protocol.

Who are our clients?

  • Manufacturers of fittings (water distribution) and materials for their manufacture
  • Producers of coatings and paints used in the water management industry
  • Manufacturers of water filters
  • Manufacturers of plastic and metal components used in the water management industry
  • Manufacturers and suppliers of waterworks chemicals
  • Distributors and importers of the above items

What do we offer?

  • Testing of objects intended for contact with drinking water
    • Total migration is not determined, only SML (specific migration limit), according to the composition
    • Leaches are done only in water
    • Plastic products - pipes, filters, etc.
    • Non-plastic products – pumps (steel), metal pipes
    • Testing of chemicals that are added to drinking water


The safety testing of products that come into contact with drinking water is governed

by Annex No. 1 Leach test, and Annex No. 2 Requirements for the purity and safety of basic chemical preparations used to treat water for drinking or hot water, to Decree No. 409/2005 Sb.

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