The importance of agriculture is self evident. It is the source of many basic raw materials for a whole range of products, primarily those that serve to feed populations.

However, the spectrum of crop use is not only about food processing and feed production or the direct consumption of agricultural products by humans or farm animals. A number of other crops grow on our fields, e.g. technical crops.

We offer a wide range of analyses depending on the final destination or use of the given crop.

Who are our clients?

  • Farmers, growers of all formats
  • Public authorities/inspectorates for agriculture
  • Producers of food with ingredients of plant origin
  • Public authorities/inspectorates for the food processing industry
  • Importers of food products
  • Trade organisations, chains with a food assortment
  • Other producers, processors especially of technical crops

What do we offer?

  • Determination of macro elements – P, N, K, Ca, Mg, Na
  • Determination of hazardous metals - Cd, Pb, Hg, As Cr, Ni, Zn and others
  • Determination of pesticide substances in a wide range of crops
  • Determination of other substances of plant origin – tropane alkaloids, pyrrolizidine alkaloids in crops
  • Determination of polyaromatic hydrocarbons in crops
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