Analyses for automotive industry

The automotive industry is one of the pillars of the Czech economy, which includes, in addition to the final manufacturers of motor vehicles, a whole range of companies producing parts, components and partial solutions intended for a wide range of European and global car makers.

Do you belong to these companies?

Are you involved in the production of components for vehicle interiors?

Do you test according to the standards of the VW Group? Us too!

But not only that - in case of interest or need, we operationally introduce tests according to the standards of other global car manufacturers.

Who are our clients?

  • Car manufacturers
  • Companies involved in the production of components for vehicle interiors
  • Companies involved in the production of metal components for vehicles (smaller range of tests)
  • Suppliers of other parts and accessories for the automotive industry

What do we offer?

  • We mainly test the emissions behaviour of materials that come into direct contact with the interior of a vehicle.
  • These are, for example, noise insulation materials, sandwich panels, parts of dashboards, headrests, armrests or parts of seats.
  • The most frequent tests:
    • Determination of emissions of organic compounds
    • Determination of condensable components (fogging)
    • Determination of formaldehyde
    • Determination of metals Cd, Hg, Pb
    • Smell test
    • dirtiness/cleanability
    • Flammability test
    • Determination of hexavalent chromium
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