Analysis of pool water

This covers swimming and frolicking in the water of swimming pools and aqua parks, the ever-growing popularity of wellness (without which it is almost impossible to run a successful accommodation facility), various other water and sauna worlds, but also spa operations.

The common denominator of all these facilities is the need to ensure that the water that the pools, whirlpools, water slides and steam rooms are filled with or that flows in them is safe for health.

Another factor, which is very important to the operators of the aforementioned facilities, is the economic side of their activities, where water analyses play a vital role in connection with the costs of disinfectants.

Who are our clients?

  • Operators of swimming pools, lidos, aqua parks
  • Operators of saunas, wellness facilities
  • Operators of accommodation with wellness facilities
  • Operators of spa facilities
  • Natural persons - citizens

What do we offer?

  • Accredited sampling and analysis of pool water, bathing water and water from natural lidos
  • We transfer the results to the National Health Information System PiVo for you free of charge
  • We give you free online access to the results of the analyses, which enables you to react flexibly and more quickly to any problems
  • For regular customers, we provide free rental of an information board for recording the current temperatures and a T-shirt with the inscription ’Plavčík’ (in English: Lifeguard).
  • Analyses of sand in outdoor playground sandpits


  • Sampling and analyses are carried out in accordance with Decree No. 238/2011 Sb., on hygienic requirements for swimming pools, saunas and sand in sandpits, as amended.
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