Analysis of gases

Do you burn gaseous fuels?

Do you need to verify their properties?

Does compressed air power any of your machines?

Can impurities in the compressed or compressor air be a problem during production - for example, in terms of possible spoilage - contamination of the products?

We offer accredited tests of gases, gaseous fuels, compressed and compressor air, including sampling - this can often be difficult due to the nature of the matrix.

Who are our clients?

  • Energy companies
  • Degassing gas – mining companies and their service organisations
  • Natural gas – organisations extracting natural gas
  • Technical fuel gas - production of propane butane - quality control
  • Coke plants
  • Operators of biogas stations
  • Companies for servicing cogeneration units of biogas stations (gas quality, impurities in gases, etc.)
  • Manufacturers of wood gas equipment
  • Test facilities and research institutes
  • Compressed gas and compressor air
    • Mechanical engineering - pneumatic machines controlled by compressed air
    • Food processing industry - pneumatic filling lines
    • Mining companies – operation of compressors for blowing air into mines and driving pneumatic machines

What do we offer?

  • Basic analysis of gaseous fuel (determination of the majority fuel components (methane, oxygen, nitrogen, hydrogen, carbon and carbon dioxide, C2-C6 alkanes and water)), determination of dew point, calculation of physical and chemical properties - heat of combustion, calorific value, density, methane number, Wobbe index, relative density
  • Analysis of impurities in gaseous fuels (determination of sulphane, ammonia, gas humidity, total sulphur, fluorine, chlorine, siloxanes, volatile chlorinated hydrocarbons, aromatic benzene derivatives, hydrogen cyanide, hydrogen rhodium, petroleum substances < >C6, dust particles, mercaptans)
  • Analyses of digestates and oils can also be part of gas analyses.
  • Compressed gas and compressor air quality analysis (measurement of humidity and dirt content)


  • Regulation for heating gas MWM 0199-99-03017/05CS
  • Threshold limit values for heating gases MWM 0199-99-3017/04 CS
  • Natural gas - Determination of water content at high pressure ČSN EN ISO 11541
  • Stationary sources of emissions - Determination of water vapour in pipes ČSN EN 14790
  • Gaseous fuels. Chromatographic analyses, TDG G 902 03
  • Motor fuels – Liquefied gases (LPG) ČSN EN 589+A1
  • Natural gas - Calculation of combustion heat, calorific value, density, relative density and Wobbe number 4SN EN ISO 976/2017
  • Compressed and compressor air – ČSN ISO 8573
  • Sampling - ČSN 01 5113
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