Vacuum and leak detection

We offer and provide solutions for vacuum generation, measurement and control, extended to include helium detectors for leak detection and process measuring devices for gas flow and pressure. You can count on our professional approach and support during the entire process, from the offer through the order, delivery and installation to the follow-up service.

Agilent Technologies

The Vacuum Products Division (VPD) of Agilent Technologies provides a wide range of advanced vacuum technologies for generating, maintaining, measuring and controlling vacuums in industrial and scientific research applications. The assortment consists of a complete series of vacuum pumps and helium detectors for detecting leaks.
MKS Instruments

MKS is a manufacturer of devices and systems for measuring and controlling the pressure and flow of gases, analysing the composition of gases, and a number of other devices used in industry and scientific workplaces.

We develop and manufacture powerful customer test systems for detecting leaks in manufactured products. These systems and stations are intended both for industrial applications in series production and for applications in research and development and always respect the technical specifications and customer requirements.
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