Measuring quality - work environment, chemical pollutants

The quality of the environment in which we work, but also live outside the work process, affects our health. The importance of monitoring these factors is growing as lifestyles become more stressful.

Our services in this area - measuring the quality of the environment, especially the work environment, measuring the level of chemical substances affecting the people present, the level of dust, etc. - go back a long way. We have been providing such services since 1986, when the accredited Noise and Vibration and Work Environment Testing Centre was founded. With our experience, this facility ranks among the leaders of its kind in the Czech Republic.

Among the advantages of our facility are the short measurement dates and delivery times of accredited protocols on the performed tests, which are the output of the measurements.

Who are our clients?

  • a wide range of entities, especially manufacturing or processing companies
  • Deep black coal mines
  • Project architects of residential, industrial or other commercial buildings
  • Project architects of transport structures and roads (highways, expressways, bypasses, etc.)
  • Local self-governing bodies
  • Public administration bodies
  • Regional hygiene stations
  • Security technicians in companies
  • Occupational safety agencies
  • Ecologists and environmental workers
  • Private persons

What do we offer?

  • Dust measurement and analysis of chemical pollutants in the work environment
    • Measurement (sampling) and analysis of chemical pollutants in the working atmosphere for the purpose of determining the concentration and subsequent comparison with PEL (permissible exposure limit) or MAC (maximum allowable concentration)
    • Dust measurement in workplaces and determination of dust concentration in the work environment (inhalable and respirable dust fractions) and subsequent comparison with PEL (permissible exposure limit)
    • The collected samples are analysed in the laboratory, the results of which are published in a report


We measure dust and chemical pollutants in the work environment according to Government Regulation No. 361/2007 Sb., as amended

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