Sand from sandpits

The health of our little ones is undoubtedly a priority for every parent, grandparent, educational worker and anyone who cares about our future. One of the factors that can be influenced is the provision of a clean and safe environment in areas where children like to move, i.e. playgrounds and especially children’s sandpits.

Who are our clients?

  • Operators of public parks, children’s playgrounds - often towns and municipalities
  • Operators of swimming pools, lidos, aqua parks
  • Operators of kindergartens, nurseries, children’s groups
  • Natural persons - citizens

What do we offer?

  • Analyses of sand in sandpits of outdoor playgrounds - metals and indicators of microbiological and parasitological contamination of the sand are monitored


  • Sampling and analyses are carried out in accordance with Decree No. 238/2011 Sb., on the hygienic requirements for swimming pools, saunas and sand in sandpits, as amended.
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