Narcotic and psychotropic substances

LABTECH also holds a permit to handle addictive substances, as issued by the Ministry of Health of the Czech Republic, Inspectorate for Narcotic and Psychotropic Substances.

This permit authorises us to test a whole range of products with cannabis content, but also other products or crops that purposefully contain the mentioned substances, or on the contrary, that it is desirable that these substances do not appear in them.

Another sphere of use of our tests is a trace analysis - screening of wastewater from facilities in which it is necessary to check possible abuse of narcotic and psychotropic substances (prisons and other correctional facilities, schools, boarding schools,


Who are our clients?

  • Producers of products containing cannabis (cosmetics, confectionery, etc.)
  • Poppy growers, processors and traders
  • Prisons, correctional facilities
  • Schools, boarding schools

What do we offer?

  • Analysis of cannabinoids especially in products containing cannabis
  • Trace analysis of wastewater for the presence of narcotic and psychotropic substances
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