Analyses of process and mine water

Especially in the case of process water, we can talk about a very wide range of determinations, which are always linked to the given specific purpose for which the water is used. This results in a broad spectrum of fields and disciplines where it is desirable to analyse water, which is an essential part of the technological process. Furthermore, in the overview of our offer, cases of requests for analyses are presented that we encounter relatively often. However, the list of possible and necessary analyses and purposes of use within various technologies is definitely more exhaustive.

In contrast, mine water monitoring represents a relatively specific group of analyses related to mining activity and managing active and abandoned mining sites.

Who are our clients?

  • Construction industry
  • Power industry
  • Sterilizer operators
  • Laboratories
  • Agricultural industry
  • Mining companies
  • Managers of abandoned mining sites

What do we offer?

  • Water for the preparation and production of concrete

    • Assessment of the suitability of water, including water obtained during water recycling at concrete plants, as mixing water according to the ČSN EN 1008 standard. For recycled water, the volumetric weight of the water is a crucial factor for ensuring the uniform dispersion of solids (suitable method of mixing).
  • Aggressiveness of water (influence of water on building structures)

    • Water analysis according to ČSN EN 206-1 Concrete - specification, performance, production and conformity (cancelled standard) - the influence of the environment (surrounding underground water or soil) on corrosion or disruption of the building structure (concrete) is assessed; depending on the result, the appropriate composition of concrete (e.g. sulphate-resistant cement is used) or suitable method(s) of protection (coating, penetration, reinforcement) is/are chosen.
    • Water analysis according to ČSN 03 8375 Principles for the protection of the outer surface of metal pipes buried in soil or immersed in water against corrosion (cancelled standard) - the effect of underground water on steel corrosion is assessed, and appropriate protection (insulation, coatings) chosen based on the results of the analysis.
    • Water analysis according to ČSN 73 1215 Concrete Structures - classification of aggressive environments (cancelled standard) - classification of the aggressiveness of liquid, solid and gaseous environments on concrete.
    • Water analysis according to ČSN EN 206+A1 Concrete - specification, performance, production and conformity - the effect of the chemical action of underground water on concrete is assessed.
  • Water for aquarists

    • Monitored indicators: pH, ammonia, ammoniacal nitrogen, total nitrogen, nitrites, nitrates, carbonate and total hardness.
  • Sterilizers - feed water and condensate

    • Water analysis according to ČSN EN 285 Sterilization - Steam sterilizers - Large sterilizers - contaminants in condensate and feed water are monitored.
  • Boilers - feed water

    • Analysis of feed water according to ČSN EN 12953-10 Shell Boilers
    • Analysis of feed water according to ČSN EN 12952-12 Water-tube Boilers and Auxiliary Installations
  • Water for analytical purposes, distilled and demineralised water

    • Analysis of distilled water for analytical purposes according to ČSN ISO 3696
    • Analysis of distilled water according to ČSN 68 4063
  • Irrigation water according to ČSN 75 7143

    • Analysis of surface, underground or other suitably treated water intended for irrigation
  • Mine water


  • Depending on the purpose of use, the requirements for process water are specified in the relevant standards.
  • The relevant Regional Office determines the method and conditions of discharging mine water into surface or underground water.
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