Analyses for food processing industry

Each of us believes that the food we enjoy is not only delicious, but also correspondingly harmless and safe. Relatively strict rules apply to the supply of food to the market.

Producers, importers, exporters, distributors, sellers, and consumers - we have something to offer to all of them to ensure the quality of a wide range of food. Whether it is prevention, determination of composition, control of the presence of undesirable substances or their concentrations, determination of nutritional values, etc.

We are aware that, in particular, microbiological testing of food is a matter where, more than elsewhere, the informativeness of the analysis results depends on the sampling method, logistics and the time factor of handling the samples.

Who are our clients?

  • Producers of milk and dairy products
  • Producers of bakery products (bakeries, patisseries)
  • Producers of canned food
  • Producers of meat and meat products, slaughterhouses
  • Producers of delicacies (open sandwiches, desserts, salads)
  • Tea producers
  • Spice producers
  • Other food producers
  • Importers and exporters of food products
  • Food vendors - retail chains

What do we offer?

  • Determination of microbiological parameters
  • examination of carcasses of pigs, cattle, sheep
  • Determination of metals
  • Determination of preservatives (benzoic acid, sorbic acid)
  • Determination of nitrates
  • Determination of phthalates
  • Determination of C10-C40
  • Determination of cyanides
  • Determination of sugars, reducing sugars, acidity, total extract, alcohol content, acetaldehyde (spirits)
  • Determination of ethanol, methanol (control of spirits)
  • Determination of acrylamide content (chips, coffee, etc.)
  • Determination of nutritional values of food


  • Commission Regulation (EC) No. 2073/2005 - on microbiological criteria for food
  • Regulation of the EP and the Council (EC) 396/2005 - on maximum limits for pesticide residues in food and feed of plant and animal origin and on their surface
  • Decree No. 333/1997 Sb., implementing Section 18(a),(d),( h), (i), (j) and (k) of Act No. 110/1997 Sb., on food and tobacco products and on the amendment and addition to some related Acts, for milled corn products, pasta, bakery products and confectionery products and pastries
  • Act 180/2016 Sb. - Act on Food and Tobacco Products amending Act 110/1997 Sb. (valid from 1/1/2018)
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