Feed, feed mixtures

We make a distinction between two basic spheres within the services connected with animal feed.

The first sphere concerns feed and feed mixtures for livestock, the importance of which is growing in relation to the issue of food self-sufficiency. Hand in hand with this goes food safety requirements, which in the context of animal production is also conditional on the safety of everything that farm animals consume.

The second sphere, and no less important, is pets and their nutrition. Here again, we can talk about fundamental developments, both in terms of quantity, but mainly in the quality of the products for dogs, cats, rodents, fish, etc.

Who are our clients?

  • Producers of feed mixtures for farm animals
  • Producers of pet food
  • Importers, exporters, distributors of feed and feed mixtures,
  • Public authorities/inspectorates for agriculture - livestock production

What do we offer?

  • General analyses of feed and feed mixtures
  • General analyses of granulated and canned feed and raw materials for the production of feed
  • Determination of the defectiveness of bulk feed and feed mixtures


  • Act No. 91/1996 Sb., on Feed
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