Analyses of beer

For a beer to taste good, many conditions must be met, a large part of which can be monitored with the help of the analyses we offer.

We build stable, permanent cooperation with our clients, which is a guarantee of avoiding unpleasant situations when the beer does not taste good for some reason.

A fundamental factor for the lasting excellent quality of this liquid gold, like all other foods and beverages, is the consistent hygienisation of the production premises and the establishment of production and control procedures precisely with this requirement in mind.

We recommend a sampling plan with the frequency and range of analyses that suit your operations and include individual types of analyses needed for trouble-free beer production and to maintain the prestige of your brand.

Who are our clients?

  • Small and medium-sized breweries
  • Microbreweries
  • Home breweries
  • Private brewers

What do we offer?

  • Analyses of beer according to the applicable legislation for tax purposes (EPM - extract of original wort - degree, alcohol content)
  • Analyses of brewing water and products intended for production (e.g. optimal composition of water for individual types of beer, contamination of raw materials with undesirable microorganisms)
  • Water quality monitoring at individual stages of production (often only water at input is monitored)
  • Microbiological analysis of beer (unfortunately, breweries sometimes do not deal with this issue; they try to solve the situation only when a problem occurs)
  • Microbiological control of the brewery environment (smear tests, imprints for the presence of unwanted microorganisms)
  • Determination of energy value
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