Biogas stations

As is well known, biogas is successfully used to produce electricity and heat; the by-product of its production is a high-quality fertiliser.

As a raw material for biogas production, the biological waste generated in agriculture, both in plant and animal production, as well as in the food industry, is used. Controlled decomposition processes occur in the biogas station, during which biogas is released. This is collected in a gas tank, where the biogas is further treated and purified. The generation of electricity and heat is provided by a cogeneration unit - an internal combustion engine adapted to burn biogas with an electric generator.

Our services enable operators of biogas stations to fulfil their legal obligations and optimise the operation and lifetime of the equipment.

Who are our clients?

  • Operators of biogas stations
  • Advisory and consulting companies dealing with the issue of biogas and biogas stations
  • Companies for servicing cogeneration units of biogas stations (gas quality, impurities in gases, etc.)

What do we offer?

  • Control of the progress of the fermentation process
    • control of the course of the anaerobic process based on an analysis of the substrate
    • collected from the fermentation tanks
    • parameters: pH, FOS/TAC, fatty acids (acetic, propionic, butyric and isobutyric acids), ammonia nitrogen, total nitrogen, dry matter and loss on annealing
    • based on the analyses, the fermentation process can be adapted to increase the efficiency and performance of the BGS
  • Useful properties of biogas
    • analysis of biogas and calculation of combustion heat based on measured values
    • parameters: methane, carbon dioxide, oxygen, nitrogen, hydrogen, combustion heat
  • Impurities in biogas
    • parameters: sulphane, ammonia, volatile aromatic hydrocarbons, volatile chlorinated hydrocarbons and siloxanes
    • analyses are mainly used to prevent, for example, corrosion of pipes, etc.
  • Registration of a solid product as a fertiliser
    • To be able to use and sell the solid by-product of the operation of biogas stations as a fertiliser, it is necessary to register it with the Central Institute for Supervising and Testing in Agriculture (ÚKZÚZ)
    • For the purposes of registration, it is necessary to substantiate the laboratory analysis of the product


  • Act 180/2005 Sb., on Support for the Use of Renewable Sources of Energy and its amending or implementing decrees
  • For the use of fermentation products - digestate - Act 156/1998 Sb., on Fertilisers, as specified by Decree No. 474/2000 Sb., on Establishing the Requirements for Fertilisers, Act 185/2001 Sb., on Waste
  • Decree 382/2001 Sb., if the output is treated sludge - biogas station at wastewater treatment plant
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